Eric Miller

Eric MillerHow long have you been a DJ for An Ultimate Sound and a little of your history?
I started An Ultimate Sound in 1992. I have been a professional DJ since my sophomore year of college. I have played everywhere from the State Theatre to small clubs in college to almost every banquet hall in Metro Detroit.

Why do you DJ?
I have a passion for entertaining people through music.  A great party is something everyone remembers and will talk about for years to come. The best compliments for me are when a family makes me their DJ, and they want me to do their brother's, sister's, cousin's and friend's weddings... and then come the graduation, anniversary and house parties! 

What are your strengths as a DJ?             
My greatest strength as a DJ is my ability to read the crowd and play songs off of their energy.  I make sure that the music you want to party to is played!  I will meet and exceed your expectations for your evening, giving you and your crowd the “Ultimate” experience! 

What else should I know about you? 
I love to DJ!  I enjoy sports (Tigers, Lions, Pistons and Red Wings)-- an equal opportunity sports fan!  My musical tastes vary from the atmosphere I am in.  I enjoy alternative rock, rock, blues, reggae and in general if there is a guitar in the band, I am a fan.  I listen to everything from country to current top 40, I love to know and have a feel for the music I am going to be playing for your parties.

I love to travel.  The farthest I have traveled have been my most memorable experiences (Hawaii and South Africa).  I have been happily married since August of 2004. We have two kids, my son (Luke) was born on June 20th of 2007 and my daughter Allie was born March 20th of 2010. They are the joy of our lives.

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